Millions of budget-conscious shoppers are trading big properties and bigger mortgages for smaller, affordable spaces. This trend toward compact homes has created a demand for multi-purpose furniture like murphy beds. Although the space-saving devices have been around for decades, modern versions are more durable, beautiful, and decorative than ever before. Craftsmen like Wilding Wallbeds offer products designed to solve storage and space problems while adding function and beauty.

Well Made Beds Are User-Friendly

Modern murphy beds are nothing like the originals. Older styles were fixed to floors and often found in hotel rooms. During the day, a murphy bed folded into the wall and, with some effort, could be pulled down and used for sleep. Early styles used special mattresses that eventually became lumpy and uncomfortable. Today’s well-made models are beautifully crafted, sturdy, and remain comfortable for years. Many are designed for use with standard mattresses. They also include quiet, easy-to-use piston or spring lift mechanisms. Every unit includes discrete but powerful locks that keep it securely in place. Beds are attached to the walls and are easy to open manually. Customers can also choose power beds that open and close using remotes.


Decorator Styles Add Elegance to Homes

Homeowners also buy wall beds because they are elegantly designed and can add flair to any room. Clients can order custom models in a range of styles and colors. Units include all-wood construction and can be made in contemporary or traditional designs. Woods options include alder, cherry, maple, and mahogany. Clients may choose from a range of complementary hardware, lighting, cabinets, locks, and tables. Craftsmen will design twin, full, queen, and king-sized units.

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Murphy Beds Solve a Range of Problems

Elegant folding beds can solve a variety of decorating challenges. They are ideal for studio apartments. Beds look like stylish wall panels during the day but turn into luxury beds when needed. Customers can also order models that are bookcases when not in use. Designers can add simple shelves to panels so that homeowners have an extra surface when not using their beds. In fact, they will craft entire home offices that include hidden beds. There are also sturdy bunk beds that fold out easily for sleeping and be folded away after use. Many homeowners use the beds to turn extra bedrooms into offices. They order disappearing desk beds that allow them to leave items on shelves when the bed is in use. Designers will even build standard beds that can be lifted to reveal useful storage spaces.


Murphy beds are popular among the millions of home buyers who choose to live in small, affordable spaces. Beautifully designed custom folding beds are also favorites among those who want to maximize extra space. Wall beds are decorative, sturdy, and can include accessories and options that solve dozens of space problems.

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